How to play Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Football is exploding in popularity amongst UK Fantasy Football fans. Fantasy players now have the opportunity to use football knowledge and expertise to win real cash prizes, or play against friends for fun in a short form version of Fantasy Football.

Daily Fantasy Football differs from traditional season long Fantasy Football games in that there is no long term commitment to manage a team over a full season. Daily Fantasy Football is also known as 1 Day Fantasy Football and as the name suggests, the game typically takes place over a single day (or sometimes over 2 days).

Daily Fantasy Football basicsDaily Fantasy Football

The 1-Day Fantasy Football format differs significantly from the season long formats such as Fantasy Premier League. In the daily format, with most sites there are no substitutes to worry about, no captain to select, and no need to change your team every week.

When entering a Daily Fantasy Football contest, you are only submitting a team for the contest taking place in that game week.

There are a large number of similarities between season long Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Football. These similarities mean that those players who perform well in the traditional longer format will have a higher chance of success in the Daily Fantasy Football format.

As social skill games, both require:

  • Selecting a fantasy football team within a set budget that you believe has the best chance of scoring points.
  • Picking a team to play against friends and other fantasy football fans.
  • Identifying undervalued players and finding hidden gems that other ‘managers’ are not selecting.

Where can I play Daily Fantasy Football?

We have created a scoring matrix of the different UK Daily Fantasy Football game providers that you can review by visiting our Daily Fantasy Football Scoring section.  The major sites reviewed and recommended are:

All the sites above are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to host real money Daily Fantasy Football contests.

DraftKings and Mondogoal currently host the contests with the biggest guaranteed prizepools and the most opponents to play against.  This makes them very attractive sites for experienced Fantasy Football players wanting to use their expertise to win real money.

One of the great features that DraftKings and PlayON both offer is the opportunity to create your own contests, and to invite friends to play against for free or real money.

What are the rules of Daily Fantasy Football?

The rules and scoring for Daily Fantasy Football differs depending on which site you choose to play.  As with traditional Fantasy Football, points are awarded depending on the performance of players you have selected in your Daily Fantasy Football team.

DraftKings currently offers the biggest Daily Fantasy Football contests for UK players.  You can find out more about Draftkings Football and see all the football scoring rules at DraftKings, Mondogoal, and PlayON by clicking on our scoring sections below.

Draftkings Football Scoring

Mondogoal Football Scoring

PlayON Football Scoring

FanDuel UK Football Scoring

Is Daily Fantasy Football just luck?

If you have ever played in season long Fantasy Football games and always see the same names at the top of your private league, then you will know that there is a large element of skill in this format of Fantasy Football, and the same applies to Daily Fantasy Football.

How much does it cost to play Daily Fantasy Football?

You can create 1-Day Fantasy Football contests to play against friends for free, and occasionally enter freeroll competitions that require no entry fee to participate, but pay out real cash prizes. You can also enter a huge variety of contests for real money where the amount you can win will depend on the entry fee and number of participants in a contest.

The ‘host’ site (e.g. DraftKings) will take a fee for arranging the game that you are participating in. A typical fee will be between 5-10% of the total prizepool however it is worth checking the fee at each site before entering any contests. DraftKings are a site who often will put a guaranteed prizepool up for a contest so you are aware of exactly how much will be in the total prizepool before entering. An example of this would be Draftkings EPL Striker competition that costs $3 to enter but has a guaranteed prizepool of $15,000.

Any deposits to Draftkings will be converted from £ to $ which allows UK Daily Fantasy Sports players to participate in bigger prizepools against players from around the world.

PLAYING IN $ Any deposits to Draftkings will be converted from £ to $ which allows UK Daily Fantasy Sports players to participate in bigger prizepools against players from around the world.

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