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Welcome to Fantasy Fives! Our site has been setup by two UK Daily Fantasy Sports enthusiasts to help sports fans understand what Daily Fantasy Sports UK (also known as DFS)  is, how to play DFS, where to play DFS, and much more!

As well as giving our own insight and tips for playing Daily Fantasy Sports, we will also be using different Daily Fantasy Sports experts to provide strategy articles on Daily Fantasy Sports. You can find out more about us on our ‘About Us’ page.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

Daily Fantasy Sports is a skill-based social game. Like traditional fantasy games based on sport, you use your  knowledge to pick a fantasy team, however competitions are based on a single day’s sporting action instead of over a season or extended period.  DFS contests can be played for fun or for real money with no season long commitment.  Read more on ‘What is Daily Fantasy Sports’.

How to play Daily Fantasy Sports?

The rules for DFS differ depending on which sport you wish to play, and which website you choose to play at. We have created guides on ‘How to play Daily Fantasy Football’, ‘How to play Daily Fantasy Golf’ and you can view these and other sports guides in our ‘How to play Daily Fantasy Sports’ section.

Where to play Daily Fantasy Sports?

There are a wide variety of sites that offer DFS competitions.  Some sites just offer Daily Fantasy Football games, whilst others offer Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Cricket, and a range of American sports.  We have reviewed and created user guides for the biggest sites and you can read more on ‘Where to play DFS’ by clicking here.

Why play Daily Fantasy Sports?

DFS contests offer you the chance to play fantasy competitions against your friends without a season long commitment, and you can also play against other sports fans for the chance to win huge cash prizes off small entry fees.  DraftKings (a site who host DFS competitions) have Fantasy Golf contests at the Majors with a first prize of $1 million and the contests cost just $20 to enter! Read our ‘Ten Reasons to Try’ article here.

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