DFS – What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

DFS is an abbreviation for ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’, the most exciting and thrilling game that UK sports fans are discovering and embracing!Daily Fantasy Sports

The key difference between traditional fantasy sports and Daily Fantasy Sports is that competitions take place over a shortened time period, normally a day in football contests or a few days in golf contests.

Daily Fantasy Sports basics

  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests usually last a day or a few days, rather than over a full season where long term commitment is required.
  • You can play for fun or real money on most UK licensed DFS sites.
  • DFS contests are peer to peer social skill games.  You are always playing against fellow humans and the site where you choose to play will just take a fee for hosting the games.
  • Most DFS sites allow you to create your own contests to play against friends, work colleagues, or just fellow sports enthusiasts.

How do Daily Fantasy Sports Contests work?

Just as with traditional fantasy sports games, in DFS contests you select sports players to represent your ‘fantasy team’.  The performance of those sports players in real sporting events will decide how your ‘fantasy team’ performs versus fellow competitors in each contest.

Unlike traditional formats which run over a season, Daily Fantasy Sports contests normally run over 1 day (1-Day Fantasy Football) or a few days (Weekly Fantasy Golf).  Once you have selected and entered your team, there is no requirement to make substitutions or changes after the contest has started.

The table below gives an overview of some of the key similarities and differences between traditional season long Fantasy Sports, and Daily Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports comparison matrix

The rules and scoring of points in Daily Fantasy Sports contests differs between the various sites that host the games.  You can find out more about each site visiting our ‘Best DFS sites’ section.

Although there is a selection of sites to play at for UK sports fans, DraftKings currently offers by far the biggest prizepools due to their large player North American player base that you can participate against.

PLAYING IN $ Any deposits to Draftkings will be converted from £ to $ which allows UK Daily Fantasy Sports players to participate in bigger prizepools against players from around the world.

You and fellow sports fans can enter DFS contests for free, or real money with the chance to win huge cash prizes by simply using your sporting knowledge.

Daily Fantasy Sports in the UK

Most Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the UK have free to play games, and also real money games where you can pay an entry fee to join a contest.  All entry fees then go into a prizepool, and the contest host site simply takes a small percentage out of each contest prizepool in return for hosting the game.

Unlike traditional betting, there is no bookmaker or random generator as an opponent in 1-Day Fantasy Sports, instead the opponents are other sports fans and the prizepool will be paid out to those individuals that have created the best performing teams.

You can also create your own 1-Day Fantasy Sports contests or join a friend’s private contest at DraftKings and PlayON DFS sites. For more information on the different game types available, check out our Daily Fantasy Sports ‘DFS Contest Types’ section.

What Sports do Daily Fantasy Sports contests cover?

Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the UK offer a wide selection of Fantasy Football contests, however some of the biggest prizepools are in Fantasy Golf. The 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf contest on Draftkings had a $4million guaranteed prizepool with $1million guaranteed to the winner, and the entry fee was just $20!

Other Daily Fantasy Sports contests with significant prizepools include American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and even NASCAR racing.

Where can I play Daily Fantasy Sports?

There is now a range of sites where UK sports fans can play Daily Fantasy Sports. The biggest of these in terms of players and huge prizepools is DraftKings who have paid out an amazing $1.5billion in real money contest prizes! You can check out the top Daily Fantasy Sports sites for UK player by visiting our ‘Best DFS sites’ guide.

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