DFS Bankroll Management

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports should be a fun activity and DFS bankroll management is an important part of making sure you play within your limits.  Whether you are a recreational player looking for some extra entertainment during sporting events, or aiming to make some serious profit from playing Daily Fantasy Sports, it is very important you don’t overstretch yourself and lose too much of your bankroll in a short time period.

Bankroll:  Your bankroll is the amount of money you have available to invest and play at Daily Fantasy Sports DFS Bankroll Managementsites. Managing your bankroll will be a key part of making the most of your Daily Fantasy Sports experience.

Our Five Golden Rules for DFS Bankroll Management

  1. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose – the game should be fun!
  2. Don’t expect to win immediately – learning and perfecting your game will take time.
  3. Never risk more than 10% of your total bankroll on one days play.
  4. Don’t focus solely on the attractive GPP contests as the high variance may burn your bankroll quicker.
  5. Be careful of multi entry tournaments and over committing your bankroll on a low number of contests.

How big should my initial DFS bankroll be?

The size of your initial bankroll will depend on your personal circumstances.  You should view your Daily Fantasy Sports gameplay as a journey where you will constantly be developing and improving as you learn more about the game.  Playing Daily Fantasy Sports should always however remain a fun activity so an initial bankroll should be viewed as disposable income just as you would consider spending on any recreational hobby.  Whether you choose to deposit £20 or £2000, you should have a number in mind on how much you are able and willing to invest in Daily Fantasy Sports and stick to this within a time period you set yourself.   Once you have decided what size bankroll you want to start with, you can then start playing and refining your Daily Fantasy Sports skills.

How much of my DFS bankroll should I invest per contest?

Here at Fantasy Fives we recommend managing your bankroll on a day by day basis rather than on a contest by contest basis.  Due to the huge volume of contests available when playing Daily Fantasy Sports, by managing your bankroll per contest you could easily have a day where some key selections across many contests don’t perform, and therefore a significant part of your bankroll is wiped out in one day.  Instead we suggest a sensible way to manage your DFS bankroll is on a daily basis.  We recommend that beginner and novice players should never invest more than 10% of their total bankroll in one day’s gameplay.

With some huge GPP Tournaments taking place and multi entries possible, it can be very tempting to load up a number of teams and try to hunt down the big win immediately.  With so many players (many highly experienced in Daily Fantasy Sports) playing these GPP contests and the payouts heavily skewed to the top finishers, it is highly likely that this strategy will quickly demolish your bankroll.  Most big GPP contests have qualifiers to them and a sensible approach would be to play these if a direct buy-in to the GPP contest itself requires a significant part of your bankroll.

How much of my DFS bankroll should be used on Cash contests v Tournament contests?

The DFS bankroll split between cash contests and tournament contests will depend on personal preference. A sensible strategy if you wish to protect your initial bankroll whilst learning and developing the game would be an 80/20 split.  This would mean splitting 80% of your investment on cash games and 20% on tournament contests.  The lower variance of cash contests means that you will be getting a more frequent return when playing these as opposed to tournament contests where the returns per game may be higher, but will come less often.

DFS Bankroll:  £250
Daily suggested investment: £25
Daily suggested cash contest investment: £20 per day (80% of daily recommended cash investment)
Daily suggested tournament contest investment: £5 per day (20% of daily recommended cash investment)

You could then increase or decrease your stakes depending on results.  If you wanted to add to your overall DFS bankroll the following month or you have won playing Daily Fantasy Sports then your revised total bankroll may be £500 and your daily investment cap would be up to £50.  If you had lost 40% of your initial bankroll then your daily recommended investment may be reduced to £15 as your total bankroll would only be £150.

Everyone is different and we know how tempting big GPP contests can be, however if you want to learn the game and develop your skills then DFS bankroll management is a core strategy that will allow you to do so.