DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports has exploded in popularity in the United States in the past five years. With betting banned in most states across the country, DFS Fantasy games offered Americans a way to use their sporting knowledge and judgement to play for real cash prizes. This was due to DFS  contests being considered legal in most American states.

DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports Summary

Due to the popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports in the United States, the most popular DFS Fantasy contests were based on ‘U.S. Sports’. By ‘U.S. Sports’, we mean sports that are predominantly most popular in the United States. With the global TV coverage and accessible information on the internet, these sports are now hugely popular around the world. UK DFS players can now play Daily Fantasy Sports contests on the sports listed below at Draftkings:

Daily Fantasy American Football
Daily Fantasy Baseball
Daily Fantasy Basketball
Daily Fantasy Ice Hockey
Daily Fantasy MMA
Daily Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Daily Fantasy e-Sports

DFS Fantasy American Football (NFL)DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports - American Football

DraftKings offers a huge range of contests on American Football, specifically on National Football League (NFL) games. With the extensive coverage of the NFL on Sky Sports, entering DFS American Football contests is a fun way to cheer on specific players when watching the games. Many of Draft Kings biggest guaranteed prizepools are American Football contests, due to the huge interest from American DFS players who can play in the same contests as Draftkings UK players.  In 2015, Draftkings hosted a NFL Millionaire Maker which paid out $1million first prize in a $27 entry tournament. You can check out the DraftKings American Football scoring rules here.

DFS Fantasy Baseball (MLB)

DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports - BaseballBaseball (or Silly Boys Rounders as Derek Trotter once called it!) is big business in the United States and hugely popular amongst Daily Fantasy Sports players. With each of the 30 Major League Baseball teams playing 162 games in the regular season over six months, there are huge numbers of Daily Fantasy Baseball contests to choose from. You can watch live Baseball on ESPN satellite channel in the UK. Check out DraftKings Baseball scoring rules here.


DFS Fantasy Basketball (NBA)

The NBA Basketball schedule isn’t quite as lengthy as the MLB Baseball season. All NBA teams do still play 82 games in the regular season though, giving DFS Basketball fans plenty of contests to enter and action to follow. You can watch live Basketball on ESPN satellite channel in the UK. Check out Draftkings Basketball scoring rules here.

DFS Fantasy Ice Hockey (NHL)

Draftkings is also available to residents of Canada and the sport of choice for many Canadian DFS players is Daily Fantasy Hockey (or Ice Hockey as we traditionally call it in the UK). Contests are based on the National Hockey League (NHL) which comprises teams from Canada and the United States. The regular NHL season runs from October to early April each year and all teams are scheduled to play 82 regular season games. At the time of writing, no UK TV Channel screens NHL matches live. You can check out Draftkings Hockey scoring rules here.

DFS Fantasy MMA (UFC)

Mixed Martial Arts is big business and getting bigger around the world every day. Draftkings host Daily Fantasy DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports - MMASport MMA contests that are based on the huge Ultimate Fighting Competitions (UFC) events. The phenomenal success and profile of Conor Mcgregor has given the sports even bigger exposure in Europe and UK fighters like Michael Bisping, Brad Pickett and Dan Hardy are now gaining mainstream media coverage.

UFC is being screened on BT Sports at the time of writing although due to the sports popularity this may change. Playing Draftkings MMA Fantasy Sports contests is a great way to cheer on your lineup of fighters whilst watching the action. You can check out the exact DraftKings MMA scoring rules here.

DFS Fantasy NASCARDFS Fantasy U.S. Sports - NASCAR

NASCAR racing is hugely popular in the United States. DraftKings again hosts huge guaranteed prizepool contests based around every race in the NASCAR season. At the time of writing, no UK TV channel screens live NASCAR races. You can check out the Draft Kings NASCAR scoring rules here.

DFS Fantasy eSports (NBA, CBA)

DFS Fantasy U.S. Sports - eSportsYes, you are reading correctly! eSports is a huge growth market with players from around the world competing against each other at the most popular games to win real cash prizes. DOTA 2, Counter strike, StarCraft and League of Legends are four of the most popular games that competitive eSports are played for real money. It really is big business as well, with over $50million paid out in prizes from tournaments on the four games mentioned in 2015. Given its popularity, it is not surprising that you can now build Daily Fantasy lineups to compete on your behalf! Draftkings UK host DFS Fantasy contests based on League of Legends eSports contests. You can check out the rules here but at Fantasy Fives we are clueless as to who the top players are and what a potential effective strategy will be!

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