DFS Player Stats

At Fantasy Fives we want all players to be aware of some of the key tools that are available to help you ‘Play to Win’ at Daily Fantasy Sports, and one of these are DFS Player statistics.

DFS Player Statistics

In this article where we talk about DFS Player Statistics, we are not talking about the performance statistics of the players who you may select in your Daily Fantasy Team.  This article is highlighting the availability of player statistics of competing DFS users.  DFStats.net is a very useful site where you can view the top performing DFS players at a number of Europe’s leading Daily Fantasy Sports sites including Fanaments, Fantasybet, and FanTeam.

What DFS Player Statistics can be viewed?

DFStats.net provide comprehensive player data from a number of sites.  You can review their Leaderboard that ranks players by profit and you can use their filters to search by:

  • Daily Fantasy Sites.
  • Different Sports.
  • Leagues.
  • Years.
  • Months.
  • Contest Types

Alternatively you can search for specific DFS players by their username and the site they player at.  You will then be given a dashboard where you can review game specific data for that player including:

  • Average Score.
  • Tournaments.
  • Profit.
  • ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Average Buy-In.
  • Winnings.
  • ITM (In The Money).

Just as with the leaderboard page, you can use filters to look into each player in more depth, filtering by Date, Sport, Leagues, and Contest Types.
DFS Player

In addition to this data, DFStats.net give a lifetime graphical representation of each players profit/loss so it is easy to view instantly how well a player has performed over time.

Why is it useful to review DFS Player Statistics?

DFS Player statistics gives you intelligence as to who the best players are and who the weaker players are, which in turn will help massively in your game selection.  When deciding to enter a HeadsUp contest, you would be far more likely to win money if you are playing against a player that is regularly losing than one that is a regular winner.  It is also worth considering that other players will be reviewing your game statistics also.

Which sites are sharing DFS Player Statistics?

Below is a list of Daily Fantasy Sports sites that DFStats.net currently provide player stastics for, and a list of those sites that player statistics are not currently available for.  Fantasy Fives have reached out for comment from the sites whose player statistics are available but have not received confirmation as to whether the operator sites are openly sharing player statistics, or if this data is being scraped without express permission.

Sites that DFStats.net are sharing player statistics from:


Sites that DFStats.net are not sharing player statistics from:

FanDuel UK.
DraftKings UK.

At Fantasy Fives we do not believe player statistics should be widely available but while they are we want to ensure that all our visitors are aware of them.  We will continue to update visitors if FanDuel UK, DraftKings UK, Mondogoal, PlayON, or FanFeud player statistics are listed at DFStats.net.