DraftKings eSports – Scoring Guide

Despite being huge sports fans here at Fantasy Fives, we confess that the world of eSports is quite alien to us.  We would welcome any eSports experts who would like to contribute to the site and also help produce some DraftKings eSports content and strategy material.

The DraftKings eSports contests currently focus on League of Legends (LOL) tournaments although this may expand on the near future.

What are the rules for Draftkings eSports?

Draft Kings offers Daily Fantasy eSports contests based on League of Legends Tournaments

Once again you are required to pick a line up of spots (8 for your Draftkings eSports line-up) within a specified budget ($50,000 as per all Draft Kings contests).

DraftKings eSports Essentials:

  • You must pick a lineup comprising of 8 spots with a maximum of 4 players from any one LoL team in a matchup. Teams do not count towards the 4-player maximum.
  • Your line-up must span at least 2 different LoL games.
  • The 8 line-up positions are: TOP, JNG (Jungler), MID, ADC, SUP (Support), FLEX, FLEX, TEAM
  • You will not be able to switch any players in your lineup after the start of any eSports contest.
  • You have a maximum budget of $50,000 to create your Draftkings eSports Line-up;
  • Your total team score will be made up of the total contest scores of the individual 8 spots selected;
  • You can monitor your position live during the contest simply by logging in to your DraftKings account and clicking on ‘Live’ contests.

How do I score points playing DraftKings eSports LOL contests?

Draft kings points scoring for Daily Fantasy LOL contests are listed below.

Players will accumulate points as follows:
Kills (K) = +3 PTs
Assists (A) = +2 PTs
Deaths (D) = -1 PTs
Creeps (C) = +0.02 PTs
10+ K/A Bonus (10KA+) = + 2 PTs (10 kills OR 10 assists in a single game)

Teams will accumulate points as follows:
Turrets (Tur) = +1 PTs
Dragons (Drg) = +2 PTs
Barons (Bar) = +3 PTs
First Blood (1stB+) = +2 PTs
Win (W) = +2 PTs
Win in under 30 minutes bonus (u30W+) = +2 PTs

Players and Teams will accumulate bonus points for winning a series early as follows:DraftKings eSports
Every game not played by winning players (GNP+) = + 20 PTs
Games not played = Maximum games in series – Games played in series
Players must earn stats in at least one of the games in the series in order to be eligible for this bonus
Every game not played by winning teams (GNP+) = + 15 PTs

Please visit draftkings.co.uk for a full detailed breakdown of all Draftkings LOL rules.