DraftKings NASCAR Scoring Guide

The engines are revving up and you can get in on the actions with DraftKings NASCAR Fantasy contests!

What are the rules for Draftkings NASCAR?

Draft Kings UK offers Daily NASCAR contests throughout the whole NASCAR racing seasonDraftkings NASCAR

The essential DraftKings NASCAR rules are listed below.  You are required to pick a line up of drivers (6 for your Draftkings NASCAR line-up) within a specified budget ($50,000 as per all Draft Kings contests).

DraftKings NASCAR Essentials:

  • You must pick a lineup comprising 6 drivers prior to the start of the race on which the contest is based;
  • You can switch any Draftkings driver in or out of your lineup up until the start time of the race on which the contest is based;
  • You have a maximum budget of $50,000 to create your Draftkings NASCAR line-up;
  • Your total team score will be made up of the total contest scores of the individual 6 drivers selected;
  • You can monitor your position live during the contest simply by logging in to your DraftKings account and clicking on ‘Live’ contests.

How do I score points playing Draftkings NFL?

Draft kings points scoring for Daily Fantasy NASCAR contests are listed below.

Place Differential = +/- 1 PTs
Fastest Laps = +0.5 PTs
Laps Led = +0.25 PTs

Finishing Position Scoring
1st: 46 PTs
2nd: 42 PTs
3rd: 41 PTs
4th: 40 PTs
5th: 39 PTs
6th: 38 PTs
7th: 37 PTs
8th: 36 PTs
9th: 35 PTs
10th: 34 PTs
11th: 33 PTs
12th: 32 PTs
13th: 31 PTs
14th: 30 PTs
15th: 29 PTs
16th: 28 PTs
17th: 27 PTs
18th: 26 PTs
19th: 25 PTs
20th: 24 PTs
21st: 23 PTs
22nd: 22 PTs
23rd: 21 PTs
24th: 20 PTs
25th: 19 PTs
26th: 18 PTs
27th: 17 PTs
28th: 16 PTs
29th: 15 PTs
30th: 14 PTs
31st: 13 PTs
32nd: 12 PTs
33rd: 11 PTs
34th: 10 PTs
35th: 9 PTs
36th: 8 PTs
37th: 7 PTs
38th: 6 PTs
39th: 5 PTs
40th: 4 PTs
41st: 3 PTs
42nd: 2 PTs
43rd: 1 PTs

Scoring Notes:
Place Differential = (Starting Position) – (Finishing Position)

Example: If a driver starts in 20th position and finishes in 10th place then his Place Differential is +10.
A driver’s starting position is based solely on his qualifying position. If a driver’s starting position changes between qualifying and the start of the race for any reason (backup car, driver change, etc.), the qualifying position will be used to calculate place differential.

Points for Finishing Positon and Place Differential will be updated in real-time during the race. Drivers will gain points as they move up in position and lose points as they drop in position.

Please visit draftkings.co.uk for a full detailed breakdown of all Draftkings NASCAR rules.