Fanaments Football

Pick your Fanaments Football team within the set £100m budget and try to outscore your fellow players through your choices. You can change your team before kick-off, but then you need to hope your players are performing at their peak. They will be rewarded with points for good work such as goals and assists, while losing points for fouls or poor play. You will be playing in real time, with any winnings credited to your account the minute the results are verified.

What are the rules for Fanaments Football?

The key Fanaments rules are listed below.  As with traditional Fantasy Football games, you are required to pick 11 players within a specified budget (£100,000,000 for Fanaments).

Fanaments Football Essentials:

  • You must pick a lineup with 11 players with a maximum of 4 players from one team.
  • You can switch your Fanaments football lineup up until the kick off time of the first that your players are participating in.
  • You have a maximum virtual budget of £100,000,000 to create your Fanaments Football line-up.
  • You must select 11 players that include a Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders, and 1-3 Strikers.
  • At Fanaments you can select a Captain and this player will be awarded double points in that gameweek.

Please visit for a full review of all Fanaments Daily Fantasy Football rules.

What do I score points playing Fanaments Football?

Points scoring for Fanaments Football are shown in the scoring chart below.

Fanaments Football


What type of Fanaments Football contests can I play in?

At Fanaments you can play heads-up tournaments, fifty-fifty tournaments where the top 50 per cent double their money, games offering a guaranteed minimum prize pot, and multi-entry games where multiple entries are allowed. You can also take part in freeroll tournaments, which are free, with prizes given out in the form of tournament euros, which can be used to get into other games offering cash prizes

Can I create my own Fanaments Football contest?

It is possible to create your own unique tournament, where you pick what you want to play and invite your friends. You can enter the tournament with your line-up or selections and invite more people to play.  Creating your own tournament to play against friends and fellow football fans is a great way to play and enjoy Fanaments.