Fanaments Golf

Fanaments Golf tournaments Fanaments Golf Logoare one of many online Daily Fantasy Sports tournaments based on real-life sporting events. Usually lasting over four days, the tournaments offer a number of exciting ways to play against other like-minded competitors and the chance to win a portion of a designated prize pool.

How do I play Fanaments Golf?

To play Fantasy Golf contests at Fanaments, you will require a Fanaments account which you can register at

Fanaments Golf tournaments are based on the PGA Tour only at this current time and all tournaments are based on the full four days play, so there are no single round contests as found at PlayON Fantasy Golf.  The tournaments at Fanaments have far fewer players than DraftKings UK meaning lower prizepools, but a better chance of winning.

What Are The Rules For Fanaments Golf?

The key Fanaments Golf rules are listed below.

Fanaments Golf Essentials:

  • You must pick a lineup made up of 6 golfers.
  • You can switch your Fanaments Fantasy Golf team up until first tee off time or the specified cut off point as stated on
  • You have a maximum virtual budget of £100,000,000 to create your Fantasy Golf line up.

How Do I score points playing Fanaments Golf?

Scoring in Fanaments Golf is based on how well each player does on each hole. An albatross (three under par) will award 20 points, an eagle (two under par) is worth 10 points, a birdie (one under par) is worth four points, and a par will earn you one point. If your player manages a hole in one, you will get a 10-point bonus.

If your player goes over par, however, points will be taken away. A bogey (one over par) will lose you one point, a double bogey (two over par) will deduct three points, and a triple bogey or worse – where the player hits three or more over par – will take six points from your total score.

A full scoring breakdown for Fanaments Golf can be seen below:

Fanaments Golf Scoring

What happens if there is a tie break when playing Fanaments Golf?

Players could end up in a tie-break situation, in which case the following rules come into play:

The fantasy golf team containing the golfer who achieved the lowest score will be given a higher rank. If there is still a tie-break, the total number of eagles achieved by all golfers on the team will be taken into account; thereafter, in order of importance, the total number of birdies and then the total number of pars scored per team will be considered. If there is still a tie-break situation even after these factors have been taken into account, the prize money will be equally divided between each winning participant.

What types of Fanaments Golf Contests are there?

There is more to Fanaments than just picking fantasy teams and collecting the points as they play. There are a variety of different contests, meaning that there will be something to suit everybody. For Fantasy Golf, for example, you pick your players as normal but there are a number of tournaments you can enter, each with different rules. You can play tournaments with three or more players or go one-on-one with another player, with the winner taking all. Users can also play the 50-50 contest whereby the top 50% get to win double their stake; in addition, there is a contest whereby Fanaments will guarantee to award a minimum prize. You can even create your own tournament, which you can play privately with your friends or make open to the public. Simply click on the Create Tournament button found at the top left of the screen and follow the instructions.