FanDuel UK Football

FanDuel are the biggest Daily Fantasy Sports site in the world having launched back in 2009.  Although the majority of FanDuel customers reside in the United States and Canada, Fan Duel have now launched a dedicated FanDuel UK Football site, a Daily Fantasy Sports portal specifically for UK customers only.
FanDuel UK Football

Being a UK player only site, FanDuel have decided to focus solely on creating a Daily Fantasy Football game that is easy to understand and play for UK players, especially those making the transition from traditional season long Fantasy games such as the official Fantasy Premier League game.

PLAYING IN £ FanDuel UK only offer contests for UK players in £s ensuring there is no confusion over conversion rates and UK customers can deposit directly using sterling.

What are the rules for FanDuel UK Football?

FanDuel UK currently offers Daily Fantasy Football contests on the EPL (English Premier League) for UK players only.

The key FanDuel UK Football Rules are listed below. As with the season long Fantasy Premier League official game,you are required to pick a team with a budget of £100 million to be spent.  Unlike the official Fantasy Premier League game, you have no subs to worry about or decisons regarding who will be your captain.  It is just the performance of the 11 players you select that will decide your success or failure.

FanDuel UK Football Essentials:FanDuel UK Football Team Lineup

  • You must pick a lineup with 11 players and you can only have a maximum of 4 players from one team.
  • You have a maximum budget of £100 million to create your FanDuel UK Fantasy Football lineup.
  • You can be flexible with your formation however you are required to choose:
    -A goalkeeper.
    -3-5 defenders.
    -3-5 midfielders.
    -1-3 forwards.
  • You can switch your FanDuel Fantasy team up until the kick off time of each game that your players are participating in.

How Do I Score Points Playing FanDuel UK Football?

The points scoring system for Fan Duel Fantasy Football is listed below. It is worth noting that the highest points awarded are for attacking outcomes.

FanDuel UK Football Scoring

Please visit for a full detailed breakdown of all FanDuel UK Football rules.

The big advantage that Fan Duel Football contests have over their rivals is that they are restricted to UK players only ensuring that more experienced players from North America who may have developed winning strategies over time, are not able to take advantage of players new to the game.  This means all UK players will be starting contests with a similar experience level.

What Type Of FanDuel Fantasy Football Contests Can I Play In?

As part of FanDuel’s aim to keep their offering for UK players straight forward, they currently offer 3 types of contests as explained below.

FanDuel UK Football Game types

Can I create my own FanDuel UK Football contests?

At the moment it isn’t possible to create your own contests with FanDuel UK.  Fantasy Fives will update all subscribers if this changes along with any further information on FanDuel so don’t forget to subscribe in the top right hand corner of the site!