FanFeud is all about the beautiful game, with Premiership and Europa League football on the menu. Fans play 90-minute Premier League fantasy games against each other, maximising the excitement of the Premiership weekend.


FANTASY FIVES VERDICT: Where FanFeud scores big is in its ease of use and its slick interface. The Lobby is well featured, making it straightforward to pick your games. Meanwhile, the active newsfeed keeps you updated on the latest football action. Add in the podcast and the excellent Twitter feed, and you have some great social media action to enhance the overall fan experience.  With a management team drawing on experience in football and gaming development, FanFeud grew out of the popular Fantasy 5Live game. Active since 2014, FanFeud gives fans the chance to win money and prizes over each Premiership weekend. They may be relative newcomers to fantasy football, but the five player team is something very different to other Daily Fantasy Football sites.

Fanfeud essential information

Overview: With a unique scoring system that makes boring 0-0 draws a thing of the past, FanFeud is quick and easy to play. Just pick five players and watch their match stats update in real time. With no season-long commitment, players can test their skills any time they want and earn instant payouts. It’s a very different fantasy game experience that is much more immediate and more exciting!


Welcome Bonus Offer: N/A

Currency: All contests are held in GBP £

Deposit Options: Deposits and withdrawals using secure payment methods

Licensing:  Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Limited is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, License 000-038414-R-319758-002.

Fanfeud Sports Offered

Football: English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League.

Game overview

FanFeud makes picking a team easy thanks to its nicely formatted list. Simply select your top five players, and FanFeud does the rest. However, be aware that once you’ve made your team selection, you won’t be able to change or withdraw, although this is made clear on their website. Try for free before you make a cash commitment because there is no playing it safe with 50/50 games; the winner takes all.

The scoring system is very different from other fantasy football games, offering points for factors such as appearance on the pitch and goal scorer rarity. A goalkeeper goal scores a huge 50 points, which could turn a game. There are also extra points on offer depending on whether a selected player is on the winning side or for a clean sheet. The best way to get to grips with FanFeud is play a few free trial games to work out your winning strategy. You can familiarise yourself with the scoring system on the website.

Contest Types Offered

Pick 5 players for a 90-minute match.

Support contact details: for game support for complaints, disputes and refunds

Mobile offering: Android, iOS.

Terms of sign up (age and country restrictions): Players must be over 18 and accept the terms and conditions of FanFeud.