FanFeud Football

FanFeud Football allows you to playFanFeud Football daily fantasy football contests based on individual Premier League games that last ninety minutes, either for free or for cash, with other football fans.

FanFeud Football use Infostrada, who are one of the leading providers of stats in the football world, unlike DraftKings UK and FanDuel UK who use Opta stats.

What Are the Essential Rules of FanFeud Football?

The essential FanFeud Daily Fantasy Football rules are listed in the bullet points below. Unlike FanDuel UK or PlayON Fantasy Football where your team must comprise 11 players, your FanFeud team will only consist of 5 players from any chosen position, and contests are based on an individual match.

FanFeud Fantasy Football Essentials:

• You must pick a line-up comprising 5 players prior to the start of the first game designated.
• There is  no restriction on the number of players you can pick from any one club.
• The 5 line-up positions are completely up to you to decide and there is no requirement to pick a formation
• Players have until fifteen minutes before the game kicks off to enter a team. After that point, you will be unable to enter.
• No points are awarded to players that don’t play, so it’s very important to make sure that the players you’ve chosen will actually be on the pitch.
• Points will continue to be added after the final whistle due to points given for ‘Team win’ and ‘Team loss’, along with some other scores that won’t be known until the game has finished..
• If more than one person selects the same five players, the winner will be the person who entered their team first. It is important to note that there is no exception to this rule.
• Please note that unlike FanDuel UK, once you have submitted an entry it is not possible to change or withdraw it, so it’s important to make sure you’re happy with your team before doing so.
• Once all the points have been added up, the final leaderboard will appear. Whoever is listed as number one is the winner.

Please visit for full details of how to play.

What Is the Exact Scoring system for FanFeud Football?

The scoring points break down as follows:

FanFeud Football Scoring

What Type of Contests Can I Play at FanFeud Football?

When you log in you are presented with two options: ‘GAA Predictor’ and ‘Fantasy Football’.

‘GAA Predictor’ allows you to predict the outcome of a game to win a prize, whereas the ‘Fantasy Football’ option allows you to compete against others in a 90-minute game of live fantasy football in line with a Premier League game that is taking place.

At the moment, there are only Premier League games available, though FanFeud plan on adding games from other European leagues in the near future.

Can I Create My Own Contests for This Sport?

There isn’t currently an option to create your own contest, though FanFeud post regular updates on their website and social media accounts, so users of the site will be the first to know if this is brought in.