How to actually win money on Fantasy Football

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‘How to actually win money on Fantasy Football’ – This article has been guest written by the team at– the hosts of a new mobile based social DFS football game.   

Fantasy fives recommend as an alternative platform to play DFS Fantasy Football, especially for players new to the game who want to play for fun before progressing to real money games. 

As great as FPL is, there’s something wrong with it. Let’s break it down.

There’s 4 prizes at the end of the season. There are roughly 4 million Fantasy Premier League players. That’s a 0.0001% chance of winning anything for 38 weeks work!

Sure, season-long games like FPL make watching games more exciting, even if your team isn’t playing. The issue with it is there’s 4 million skillful players out there not being rewarded for their time.

Why Do We Keep Playing When It’s So Hard To Win?

It’s known that people gamble even when the odds are against them for “fun.” In huge contest games like FanDuel & DraftKings in the US you’re unlikely to win anything. Yet you play anyway because it “makes watching any game more exciting.”

That’s true, but it’s also by design. Why can’t you have fun playing things like Fantasy Football and win? With anything that requires a whole season of work, that’s tough.

Take it from the 2015 FPL winner Simon March:

“[I] saw maybe four live matches over the course of the season”

“[On family & friends] FPL started to take over their lives”

“I’m…relieved I can go back to following football like a normal person”

Doesn’t sound too fun.

Stop Trying to Win Every Year. Win Every Day.

Dribble’s review of where DFS wins.

If you stood a 50% chance to win money on fantasy football every day, would you bet on that? What if it was 90% quicker to play with no logins or passwords? What if you could build a team on your phone in 5 minutes on the commute home, submit it & see what happens?

That’s what Daily Fantasy Football is all about. Quick games for casual punters who just want to play. And win.

Daily Fantasy games like DraftKings & FanDuel are where you can win big & games like Dribble offer head-to-head & smaller pools where you can win often.

The A-Team

This season alone on Dribble, our active users have won an average of 40 cash games each.

“Playing for cash on Dribble brings a whole different level of excitement when I’m watching football!” caltheowl, 102 bets won on Dribble

If you’re sick of never winning on fantasy football even when you’re team does well, then try playing every day.

“The amount you can potentially win on season-long fantasy football is so small when you think about how long you’re playing for. 38 weeks! I want the fun of season-long football with an actual chance to win money.” bigo1, 71% of bets won on Dribble

Daily fantasy football doesn’t replace FPL. It’s for when your season’s over but there’s still 4 months to go & you want a quick, simple way to actually win.

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