PlayON Fantasy Cricket

A unique selling point for PlayON Fantasy Cricket is that no other major Daily Fantasy Sports site in the UK currently offers Fantasy Cricket contests. PlayON host Fantasy Cricket contests on the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), the Indian Premier League (IPL) and on International Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODI) and TwentyTwenty matches (T20). It is worth noting the scoring differs slightly depending on the different format that each Fantasy Cricket contest is based on.

What are the rules for PlayON Fantasy Cricket?

The essential PlayON Fantasy Cricket rules are listed in the bullet points below. You are required to pick a line up of 7 players within a €100m budget.

PlayON Fantasy Cricket Essentials:

  • You must pick a lineup comprising 7 players prior to the start of the first game designated.
  • The 7 line-up positions are: Wicket Keeper, Batsman x 2, Bowlers x 2, All Rounders x 2.
  • You can switch your Fantasy Cricket lineup up until the start time of the game that your selections are playing in.
  • You have a maximum virtual budget of £100m to create your PlayON Fantasy Cricket lineup.
  • Please note that unlike DraftKings UK, once you have submitted an entry it is not normally possible to withdraw it from any real money contest so only enter if you are certain you want to play. We have requested information from PlayON as to whether this will be changed in the near future.

Please visit for a full review of all PlayON Fantasy Cricket rules.

How do I score points playing PlayON Fantasy Cricket?

PlayON points scoring for Daily Fantasy Cricket are listed below. Please note scoring differs between the different game formats.

PlayON Daily Fantasy Cricket T20 Scoring

PlayON Fantasy Cricket T20


PlayON Daily Fantasy Cricket ODI Scoring

PlayON Fantasy Cricket ODI


PlayON Daily Fantasy Cricket Test Scoring

PlayON Fantasy Cricket Test


Can I create my own PlayON Fantasy Cricket contest?

Yes! You can create your own contest for all sports covered by PlayON contests including Fantasy Cricket. Simply find the ‘Create a game’ button on the left drop down menu and then you can setup your own contest to play friends in private or to make public. You can choose to play for free or set an entrance fee.