UK Daily Fantasy Sports – 10 reasons to try!

Here at Fantasy Fives, we love playing UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests but we understand the game is new to most people, and the thought of risking real money to play at sites like DraftKings and Mondogoal can be scary.

UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests are going to get more and more popular as Daily Fantasy Sports grows in the UK, and we want you to join us in the adventure and get winning real cash prizes!

You should always keep in mind that the game should be fun and never to over stretch yourself.  You can check out our Bankroll Management section for advice on how to manage your bankroll.  It is possible however to play for low stakes whilst learning the game and refining your personal UK Daily Fantasy Sports strategies.

PLAYING IN $ Any deposits to DraftKings will be converted from £ to $ which allows UK Daily Fantasy Sports players to participate in bigger prizepools against players from around the world.

You can’t win any contests you haven’t entered, so below we have listed 10 great reasons why you should get playing UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests now, to become an expert before all your friends get started!

UK Daily Fantasy Sports Contests – 10 reasons you should try!

  1. No long term commitment.
    UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests really are different to traditional Fantasy Sports competitions in that there is no long term commitment. You simply need to pick your team for each daily contest and you will always start each contest with zero points, the same as all your rivals!  There is no losing interest when you are not near the top of your Fantasy league a few months or even weeks in.  There is no upfront cash investment followed by waiting a season to collect any winnings.  There is no regular impact on your time, if you are too busy to play in a UK Daily Fantasy Sports contest one week then you don’t lose out as you are only investing in the contests you enter.
  2. You choose the stakes or play for free.
    With the huge variety of Daily Fantasy Sports contests available, there is a wide selection of buy-in levels to ensure that you can play in a game that you are comfortable with.  You aren’t committed to playing for a set stake as in traditional fantasy games and you can play for free if you choose to.  DraftKings UK often have free to enter contests with real money prizes so it is worth checking out their lobby.  You can also create your own contests and play for free against friends which is a great way to practice and learn the different sports rules.
  3. Huge guaranteed prizepools at Draftkings UK.
    DraftKings offers by far the biggest UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests and the chance to win life changing money from a low risk small investment.  An example would be Draftkings ‘Fantasy Golf Millionaire’ contest that have run at each of Golf’ major championships in 2016. The 2016 U.S. Masters contest had a $4million guaranteed prizepool with $1million 1st prize, and an entry fee of just $20!  Draftkings UK site offers huge guaranteed prizepools on all sports.  The final game week of the English Premier League season included a $150,000 ‘King of the Pitch’ contest with a $25,000 1st prize.  Players could win entry into this Draftkings contest from just $3!
  4. Play whenever you like.
    No matter what day of the week it is, with Draftkings UK hosting thousands of contests on 9 different sports from around the world, there will always be a game starting shortly. You don’t need to wait for the weekend to play Daily Fantasy Sports but it is important to understand the rules of each sport and the different types of contests available before playing for real money.
  5. Play wherever you like.
    The leading Daily Fantasy Sports sites have built mobile applications and optimized their websites ensuring that it is simple, easy, and quick to play Daily Fantasy Football or other sports wherever you are.  You can play at Draftkings on your PC, mobile, or tablet so all you need is a device and access to get online and you can get winning.
  6. Use your sporting knowledge to win real cash prizes.
    The more effort you put in the luckier you will get!  There are countless Daily Fantasy Sports strategies but players will be best served developing their own personal strategies based on some sound basics.  The greater your sporting knowledge and judgement, the better your chance of winning.  Do you know which English Premier League players take set pieces and therefore will earn extra Fantasy points?  Do you know which Golfers have a high propensity for making the cut in PGA events, making them very valuable in Daily Fantasy Golf?  Once you have mastered the rules of each game, your knowledge and judgement can be the crucial factor in winning real money.
  7. Create your own contests.
    One of the fantastic features of Draft Kings UK and PlayON is the ability to create your own contests to play against friends, or any other Draftkings players!  You can create a contest in any sport, decide whether to make it public or private, and have up to 50 players participate. Creating contests are a great way to build competition between friends and fellow sports fans.  You can either put an entry fee on the Daily Fantasy Sports contests you create or make them free to play which is a great way to learn and practice different types of sports.  Check out our ‘Creating contests’ post for more details.
  8. Easy to learn.
    Whether you are an experienced Fantasy Sports player or completely new to the game, Daily Fantasy Sports really is simple and fun to learn.  Our ‘How to Play‘ sections will help you understand the basics of the game, and then it is worth checking out our site reviews to understand where you can play.  By learning the rules and playing contests for free or small buy ins, you will quickly become comfortable with UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests.
  9. Play at Daily Fantasy Sports sites fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.
    Although you can create contests and play against friends for free, because you have the option to play Daily Fantasy Sports for real money, any site we list on Fantasy Fives will be fully regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling commission.  By entering a real money contest at Draft Kings UK, or any other listed site you are putting money into a ‘pool’ which is then distributed to the best performing players.  As such these ‘pool’ competition need to be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.  You can read more about the UK Gambling Commission here.
  10. Play different UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests from one account.
    You don’t need a different account with multiple passwords to play UK Daily Fantasy Sports contests.  Draft Kings UK offers 9 different sports from a single account.  With many different types of contests for each sport, you will be able to find a contest to suit your bankroll and favoured sport in one place at Draftkings UK.
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