What is FanDuel?

What is FanDuel

‘What is FanDuel?’ – This article has been guest written by the team at Fandueltips.co.uk – a strategy and tips site based around FanDuel games for UK players.   

Fantasy fives recommend FanDueltips.co.uk as a useful resource for any existing FanDuel UK players, or visitors interested in playing Daily Fantasy Football for real money.

What is FanDuel – The New Fantasy Football game taking over the UK

In August 2016 FanDuel officially launched their winning fantasy football formula into the UK market.

This was a smart and no doubt lucrative move for the Scottish born company, as Fantasy Premier League Football is now enjoyed by well over 4 million players across UK, and constantly growing.

Just 3 months in and FanDuel is already starting to build a loyal and large following of users with over 150,000 visitors to the site a month already, enjoying the great features and large rewards on offer. With a big marketing push behind them too, it won’t be long before we see extensive uptake across the country.

The reason for the excitement and the reason FanDuel is set to take over the UK fantasy football market so rapidly is because it’s the first time UK players have properly had the opportunity to pit their wits against other fantasy players to win real cash. What the original Fantasy Premier League game lacks is that direct link to a monetary reward that is so common to football fans in a UK gambling industry worth £12.6Bn.

The matchday contests format is perfectly suited to users who can’t commit to an entire season of fantasy football but when available, are avid fans and keen to get paid out for their skill and knowledge of the English Premier League. It’s also quick and easy to sign up and to enter a team so great for those on the go all the time.

This weekend saw the launch of fanduel.com/soccer which now allows the US market to play FanDuel based on the English Premier League too, yet more proof of the growing brand strength of the most exciting league in the world and a sign of things to come globally no doubt.

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How to win

The most important thing for new players to the game to remember is, there are major differences in the rules and scoring between FanDuel and the more well-known Fantasy Premier League. In fact, you’ll often find those players doing well in one game are not in the other – especially defenders!

Before signing up, be sure to get a full run down of all the important rule differences as well as all the hints and tips you need to start winning contests straight away by heading to www.fandueltips.co.uk.

The helpful site was set up by early adopting fans of the UK game who were keen to share their successful English Premier League and Champions League contest experience.

Don’t forget there are a number of a great first time sign up offers to get you started too, so make sure you fish one out before you jump in and start playing.

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